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Most Popular Coding Staff DNN Modules for 3 Years

Coding Staff is a team that specializes in software and web development. It always strives to create reliable, visually appealing and easy to use applications.The company also specializes in DotNetNuke CMS. In addition to building and designing its own DNN modules, CS-Cart addons, DNN skins, Coding Staff offers its customers various development services in order to help them to get both good-looking and functional DNN solutions.

Why Coding Staff?

Coding Staff Company consists of a team of professional PHP and Python developers who can create a powerful multifunctional system and, of course, integrate it with any services you want.

This company is one of the leaders in the field of web and hardware development. For about 5 years it has been offering its customers a variety of DNN modules in order to extend functionality of DNN framework. There are both free and premium DotNetNuke modules that have a live demo. All they are easy to install, robust, AJAX empowered and user friendly.

Coding Staff is a constantly developing company that always tries to provide its customers with improved products releasing new versions of DNN modules and customer support 24 hours, seven days a week.

Most Popular Coding Staff DNN Modules for 3Years:

Mega Menu Box

This option is a DNN menu module, and at the same time it is a container of many DNN navigation menus you can choose from.

With the help of this module a website becomes eye-catching. Moreover, Menu Box represents information clearly, effectively and friendly, so that you can find necessary information at once.

This module is compatible with DNN 5.0 – 7.0. Standard menu can be used for iPod and iPhone.

DNN News Module

This moduleis used for displaying the latest news. It contains Main and Secondary Newsmodules by means of which you can organize the news display in an easy way. So,you may choose how many items you want to display per page. It is easy to use,as it has nice design.

DNN NewsModule is compatible with DNN 5.0 – 7.0.

Blog M​achine Module

This module is a great solution for both new and experienced users, as it has everything that is necessary to run a blog: text editor, display of posts, and search by categories. Interaction with readers is available through the commentary form, RSS-feed and social bookmarks.

DNN ​Calendar

DNN Calendar module is a good solution for storing information about all important dates and events. It is a reliable and accessible DNN manager tool that allows you keeping users updated with the important things that happen in your company. DNN Calendar is compatible with DNN 5.0 -7.0.

DNN Video Player

With the help of this module video management has become simpler and more straightforward. iOS devices support and reproducing videos from other external sources are the main function features of this module. DNN Video Player is compatible with DNN 5.0 and higher versions.

Coding Staff is the company that always strives to satisfy all needs of its customers.That is why it also provides them with an offer of 30 days money back deal. So, if you are not satisfied with the company’s services, this offer guarantees that you can get your money back within 30 days from the moment the product has been purchased.


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