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Add to cart Extended

Add to Cart Extended add-on makes it easy to specify different prices for different options and amount of one product. Now you don’t have to create multiple similar products with different prices depending on option value. The add-on creates a table of options, prices and amount. Now the customers can specify how many particular items they want, doing it directly in the table. Then they can add to cart all selected products clicking only once on Add to Cart button.

The add-on has user-friendly interface and administration. It is set separately for each product and works for any number of options.

This add-on is a must-have solution for stores selling clothes, jewelry or any other products where options and amount influence the price.

Add-on key features:

  • Set the add-on separately for each product.
  • Specify amount intervals of product for which the price will be different.
  • Set one option as a table option.
  • Specify different prices depending on amount interval and option values.
  • Set different prices for unlimited number of options.
  • See what product items are in stock right in the table.
  • See total amount and total cost of chosen items directly on product page.
  • Add to cart product items with different options clicking once on Add to Cart button.

Compatible with CS-Cart  Ultimate, Professional and Multi-Vendor versions 2.2.x - 3.0.x

Standart Edition

Single portal license

Enterprise edition

Multi portal license

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