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Content Rotator DNN Module

Content Rotator by Coding Staff is a DotNetNuke module that allows you to add an area with dynamic content that rotates with or without an animated effect. For example, you can add your client's testimonials fading in and out to the page. Moreover you can slide the images right and left.

The module is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad.

The Content rotator module admin system is simple and straightforward. Organized as a list content items are manageable with a standard DNN FCKEditor WYSIWYG control. You can choose one of 20 different animated effects as well as optionally randomize the rotation order.

The module has possibility to set which image will be displayed first in Content Rotator according to the day of week.

The module view uses JQuery for animated effects; the module back end is written with C#.

Content Rotator supports 5.0 - 7.0 versions of DotNetNuke.

Standart Edition

Single domain license

Enterprise edition

Multi domain license


Multi domain license with source code

License update from Standart to Enterprise

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