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FishEye Zoom

FishEye Zoom is an eye candy DNN flash module that could be used in different ways to make your portal more user-friendly and cutting edge. FishEye Zoom could be used as DotNetNuke Menu Module, DNN banner module, DotNetNuke 3D gallery or as an alternative to the DotNetNuke Links module.


Use FishEye Zoom as DNN Menu Module

You can use FishEye Zoom as DNN Menu Module. This will give you catchy MacOS Dock like looking navigation with its zooming effect. Add your pages, their icons and absolute links as the items to the module and you will have cool-looking and unique DotNetNuke navigation within your portal. Note that we mean using FishEye Zoom as additional menu, not the major navigation menu of pages. See the live demo.


Use FishEye Zoom as DNN Links Module

Standard DNN Links module doesn't give you a lot. The module view layer is based on tables, it is hard to stylize it, adding links takes more time than it is supposed to and you can not add any icons to the links. FishEye Zoom addresses all these issues and even adds a catchy zooming effect on top of it which makes this module a great replacement of DotNetNuke Links Module. 

Use FishEye Zoom as DNN Banner Module

Advertise your products and services with great visual effects by using FishEye Zoom as DNN banner Module. The module has a transparent background, so you can place your products and services icons over any background image. Moreover, since the module works as navigation, products and services icons could lead to the pages with their full description. 

Live Demo

In our live demo we've tried to use FishEye Zoom as DNN menu module, DNN Links Module or DNN Banner Module. See it in action to get your own idea on how it could be incorporated into your portal.

The module administration is based on AJAX. FishEye Zoom could be added to any DNN assembly starting from 4.50. 

What's new?

At the moment we added HTML effects into the FishEye to support iOS-based devices.

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