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Power Login

Power Login is a free DNN module that replaces standard DotNetNuke login module with custom authentication and CSS based layout. As opposed to standard DNN login Power Login by Coding Staff provides web designers with skinning flexibility.

There is no need to dig into dozens of controls changing hard-coded attributes of the DNN login form. All you need to change now is just the module container.

The latest iteration of the DNN Power Login (paid version, click on "Download Free" and get 15-days trial period) module has been enhanced with an OpenID and Facebook login feature. Now it is possible for users to login with their OpenID and Facebook access details as an alternative to the usual portal credentials. Save your users loads of time with the new feature from DNN Power Login.

Use DNN Power Login and build W3C compliant, purely CSS based websites.

The module is compatible with 5.00 and above versions of DotNetNuke.

Standart Edition

Single domain license

Enterprise edition

Multi domain license


Multi domain license with source code

License update from Standart to Enterprise

You should have Standard license to purchase this upgrade