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Flash Banner - Documentation

After a web part being added on the page, some settings configuration should take place:

SharePoint Flash Banner

Library Path Settings (setting the source of the Flash Banner images):

Site Path - the path to the SharePoint site where you can find the library of image files to be used as banners. If the library is located on the current site, leave this field blank.

Library Name - the name of the image library related to the web part. This field is mandatory.

Library View - the library view with the necessary images. In case you want to use the library itself, leave this field blank.


Common Settings (the general flash banner settings):

Banner Height (px)- the pixel height of the swf object on the page; a mandatory field.

Banner Width (px) - the pixel width of the swf object on the page; a mandatory field.

Open In A New Window - opening the page with a click on the banner in a new or current window.


Effects Settings (setting the visual effects of the flash banner):

Banner Effect -choosing the visual effect.

Effect Speed (ms) - the speed of banner images rotating.

The library has to contain the image files themselves with a required “URL” column. With a click on the image in the flash banner, a page with this URL will open.

SharePoint Flash Banner