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Google Map - Documentation

After adding the web part to the page, you need to make some setting configurations:

SharePoint Google Map

List Path Settings (setting the locations source for the web part):

Site Path - the path to the SharePoint site which has a list of places that you want to display as locations. If the list is present on the current site, leave the field blank.

List Name - the list name with the data needed for a web part. This field is mandatory.

List View - the view of the list that contains locations information. If you want to use the list itself, leave this field blank.












The list has to include locations data which represent the set of the following fields:

SharePoint Google Map


Title - the location name on the map (a company, restaurant, etc.)

Address - the address of the object itself (street, building and office number).

Phone - the telephone number.

City - the name of the city.

Country - the name of the country.

ZIP - Zip code.

Title – a mandatory field. All the other fields may be left blank or not exist at all – in this case the corresponding fields in the company information window won’t be displayed on the Google map. If you want to use the custom view of the information field, you can use the Html Content column for these purposes – if not blank, the custom content is to be provided in the information field.

SharePoint Google Map

Latitude – the mandatory field of the object’s latitude coordinates on the map.

Longitude – the mandatory field of the object’s longitude coordinates on the map.


To find out the necessary coordinates, go to, find the required spot on the map, right click on it and pick “What’s here?” As a result, the search field will show the object coordinates (the first figure is the Latitude, the second one is the Longitude):

SharePoint Google Map


Image – the image field to be used in the object information section.

Marker Image – the field for the image to be used on the map as a marker of the object.

Centered – you can pick the location to be centered on the map. The first location in the list is the one centered.

Map Settings (the settings of the map itself):

Map Height (px) – the height of the map section in pixels.

Map Width (px) – the width of the map section in pixels.

Map Type – the type of the Google map.

Hide Map Type – to hide the buttons switching the map type in the map window.

Enable Street View – to allow the Google street view on the map.

Zoom – the zooming effect.

Zoom Button – the zoom button type on the Google map.

Hide Zoom Button – to hide the button in the Google map window.

Hide Scale – not to display the scale in the Google map window.

Mode Settings (the display mode settings):

The web part can work in 2 modes: default and popup. In a default mode the map is displayed with the locations list on the page itself. If you want to use the popup mode, the page will show the custom text with a link which, when clicked on, opens the map in a popup window. To set the text, fill in the Popup Text Template field – it must contain {link} that will be changed for the link text from the Popup Link Text field.

SharePoint Google Map

Show address in locations – to display the object address in the locations list or not.