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Twitter - Documentation

After a web part being added on the page, some configuration settings should take place:

SharePoint Twitter

Skin Settings:

Select Skin - you can yourself find one of the 6 skins for the web part which is the best fit for your web site. If you would like to get unique and special skin design, please address us for this service.

Proxy Settings:

If you have a proxy server, for getting an access to the Twitter Server you should configure the next settings:

Proxy Server - the proxy server name.

Proxy Port - the port the proxy server works on.

Proxy User Name - the user name needed for the access to the network through the proxy server.

Proxy User Password - the user password for accessing the network through the proxy server.











Twitter Authorization:

If you would like to use the web part with an option to post tweets directly from your SharePoint portal or with ability to select which user’s lists to display on the web part’s front-end, you need to authorize on the twitter server. To proceed, click on “Get Pin” link – and you’ll see the next window:

SharePoint Twitter

Type in the user credentials and click “Allow”. As a result, you’ll get a PIN, which you need to put in the appropriate field in the settings of the web part and hit “Authorize” button. If the authorization is successful, this configuration section will take the next look with a “Unauthorize” possibility: 

SharePoint Twitter

Moreover, after successful authorization Twitter User Name field will show current twitter user and it could not be edited.

Common Settings:

Twitter User Name – if you would like to show twitter user’s messages only, the authorization is not required. In this case you need to fill in this field yourself.

Show user picture – choose whether to display the avatar image or not.

Tweets Quantity – the tweets quantity, that the web part will display.

Cache Invalidate Time (min)– time, what twitter messages will be cached for (time between requests to the twitter server for getting user’s messages).

Display Settings:

You’re able to choose three web part mode: show user timelines, show twitter search results and show one or more user’s lists:

1) Show user timelines:

You can display friend’s tweets but the authorization is required.

2) Show twitter search results:

You need to type in the search query. You can find examples here: The Twitter User Name is could be filled at will.

3) Show user’s lists:

You need to choose necessary user’s lists. If you see that not all lists are displayed, click on “Update Lists”. In this mode the authorization is required.