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SharePoint Video Player

Coding Staff SharePoint Video Player is the easiest solution you can come up with if you want to add a video to your SharePoint portal. This player allows you to simply select a video file in the web part settings, set the size of it and play right from your SharePoint website.

You can add video files directly from a SharePoint list or library, set a direct link to .flv file or even connect the player to the list or library. It will take less than 5 minutes to create SharePoint Video or Media Gallery web part.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding SharePoint Media Player Web Part.

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Web part supports: WSS 3.0, Sharepoint Server 2007, Sharepoint Server 2010

Web part requires: .NET Framework 3.5

Web Part key features

  • Ability to specify the list or library with .flv files.
  • Ability to set the link to .flv file.
  • Ability to connect the list or library to the Video Player.
  • Ability to display title and description of .flv files.
  • Flash player has the timer and volume control.
  • You can adjust the video player height and width.
  • Ability to enable or disable videos auto playing.
  • You can select video player skin.

Standart Edition

Single portal license

Enterprise edition

Multi portal license