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How to upgrade CS-Cart product

If you want to upgrade* your CS-Cart product follow the steps below:

1.    Log into your store account**and open “My account” tab.

2.    Proceed to “View My Orders” link

3.  Find corresponding product in the list of your previous orders and click “Download” link.

    Incase of free upgrade the new version will be downloaded right away.

    Incase of 50% upgrade click “Update product” button on the next page and new version of a product will be added to your cart. After performing payments you’ll be able to download the new version of the product.

4.    Uninstall the previous version of the product from your CS-Cart Store, delete all module files from your server ([your site root]/addons/[addon_name]/) and clear cachein your browser.

5.    Install the new version of recently downloaded module.

*The upgrade will be free if the version of the module hasn’t been raised. If it has been raised the upgrade will cost you 50% of price of a new version. Learn more (

**If you don’t have your account, please, contact our Sales department.

If you have any questions or problems with module upgrade, please, contact Customer Service Team.