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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

mobile application development

We are an experienced web and mobile app development studio specializing on startups and corporate clients. We build user-friendly applications that focus on UX and design and user retention.

Recent studies have shown that consumers are more likely to use their cell phone or tablet to connect to the internet while at home than a laptop or desktop. Mobile application development is the future of all business and without a plan to incorporate a mobile platform into your project, competition will quickly surpass your best products.

We provide mobile development of high quality, whether it is mobile version of your website or mobile application development. Nowadays to be competitive you need to have a mobile version of website. Site owners should make their websites easy-to-use for their mobile site visitors. That’s why mobile development is very popular.

Also you can use your mobile app for remote access to managing your website. You no longer need access to a computer to add news on your website or view the visit statistics. Mobile application development will make it real.

Our mobile application development experience includes Reminder application for Windows Phone 7, iPhone application created for our own start up, the iPhone App for Art in Sheffield and many other mobile apps.

Whether it is iOS, Android, or Windows Phone 7 - we have A-list designers and mobile application developers who can’t wait to help you breakthrough the mobile barrier.

Our latest Mobile Apps


    Quote Roller

    Launched in November of 2011, Quote Roller has acquired 10,000 clients in its first 3 months. It is continuing to grow at an insane rate and is being courted by a number of Silicon Valley's leading investors.

    The Quote Roller mobile application is currently available in the Apple Store.


    Arts in Yorkshire

    This application was one of the Top-100 downloads in the UK and was created for visitors of the Annual Yorkshire Art Festival.

    The application is feature packed and beautiful, serving the needs of visitors and creating an interactive way for them to learn more about exhibitions and share their thoughts with other participants and friends.



    This application has a 4.5 star rating in the Apple app store and allows users to store private on their iOS devices in a discreet and secure way using iDescrete’s patented technology.

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