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 Node.js development

Node.js development

Looking to supercharge your team with experienced Node.js developers? Based in Europe, Coding Staff's Node.js development team is here to join your project.

Why does it make sense to use our services? The reason is simple: we eat and breath Node.js; know the technology well and offer affordable pricing to maximize your ROI.

Working with Node projects we practice weekly or bi-weekly scrums with full client involvement. The code is well-tested and deployed to live environment if bug-free only.

We are passionate Node developers, experienced business analysts and project managers.


Recent projects:

Why Node?

Node.js is event-driven input-output framework that uses JavaScript for applications development. Node was designed to improve writing scalable web-applications (e.g.web servers). Node.js is the technology of choice when it comes to fast multithreaded applications that have are expected to experience high traffic loads.