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Startup Development

Startup Development

• We build startups

Everything starts up with a good idea, and when this idea flourishes, you flourish with it. We are always ready to combine our experience and technology with your best ideas and turn them into reality.

We are a professional US web development company that has built hundreds of DotNetNuke solutions for a number of big companies, startups, universities and online businesses. Our applications are notable for a quality functional, a friendly and easy-to-use interface. Our company is a reliable partner for a variety of brands, industries and state agencies. We offer you about 300 successful web applications and a wide range of services including software startup development.

We have developed our own startups such as Quote Roller and NotiNote therefore we fully understand the nature and the priorities of such projects. Out team is ready to help you with the following services:

  • making decision about technology choice (Microsoft. NET vs. Sun J, 2EE vs. LAMP);
  • making platform decisions (SaaS vs. Software);
  • efficient software development;
  • first release to the market.

Our company collaborates with Microsoft Research to determine the new opportunities for successful startup business development.

We can help you to produce a market research and develop a proper market strategy. Our specialists always try to build strong relationship with the client.

Also we can assist you in getting additional revenue growth from your start up by:

  • Co-Marketing/PR deals to gain marketing space for your products.
  • Active distribution of your products / services among potential users
  • Platform deals to attract other application developers to work at your platform.
  • API deals to bring additional functionality to your product development.
  • Content management assistance.

Our main principles are high quality of services, terms adherence and well-established communication with clients.
Cooperation with us is the wise use of your time and money.

Our latest startups


    Launched in November of 2011, Quote Roller has aquired 10,000 clients in its first 3 months. It is continuing to grow at an insane rate and is being courted by a number of Silicon Valley’s leading investors.

    Quote Roller was build on Phyton and Django as a SaaS application for B2B services. Coding Staff has invested significant development resources into optimal cloud development.


    NotiNote is a small business CRM and scheduling system that uses SMS as a primary communication method. By creating an easy to use webapp companies that rely on appointments have the ability to remind clients of the appointment automatically saving valuable resources. Additional features, such as automatic birthday greetings help businesses to keep a year-round relationship with clients and increase business awareness.

    Publicly launched in February 2012 NotiNote already has hundreds of paying customers and won awards at "StartUp Weekend" events.

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